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Fuzzy Online Reputation Analysis Framework

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Book Chapter


Fuzzy Methods for Customer Relationship Management and Marketing: Applications and Classification, IGI Global, p.139-167 (2012)


The fuzzy online reputation analysis framework, or “foRa” (plural of forum, the Latin word for marketplace) framework, is a method for searching the Social Web to find meaningful information about reputation. Based on an automatic, fuzzy-built ontology, this framework queries the social marketplaces of the Web for reputation, combines the retrieved results, and generates navigable Topic Maps. Using these interactive maps, communications operatives can zero in on precisely what they are looking for and discover unforeseen relationships between topics and tags. Thus, using this framework, it is possible to scan the Social Web for a name, product, brand, or combination thereof and determine query-related topic classes with related terms and thus identify hidden sources. This chapter also briefly describes the youReputation prototype (, a free web-based application for reputation analysis. In the course of this, a small example will explain the benefits of the prototype.