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Electronic Health (eHealth) refers to the use of digital information and communication technologies to meet the needs of citizens, patients, health-care professionals, healthcare providers, and policy makers. Interactive health communication channels like the Internet have multiple potential benefits for the public, such as access to general and individualized health information on web sites. Support for health decision-making processes for prevention, diagnosis, and disease management is also possible. In addition, home care applications and mobile emergency call systems can be used by elderly or handicapped people at any time or place.

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ECEH'06 Conference Idea, sponsors, committee and proceedings of the European Conference on eHealth (ECEH) 2006
eSana Framework
Motivation, components, application scenarios and publications on the eSana Framework
Publications Different publications (books, papers, proceedings, bachelor and master thesis) on eHealth
Market Study eHealth
Goals, sponsors, questionnaires and publications of the market study eHealth Switzerland 2007