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Inductive Fuzzy Classification (IFC)

An inductive fuzzy class IFC regarding a predition target y is a fuzzy set of individuals i from a universe of discourse U defined by the fuzzy restriction i is likely a member of y. There are several ways to induce a membership function to IFC(y). In the mentioned publications, it is proposed to calcluate normalizations of likelihood comparisons.

(IFC Overview.pdf)

The membership functions (MF) induced accordingly, can be used for data selection, visualization, and prediction in analytics. Correlations of MF with binary target indicators rank attributes by their relevance. 2D graphs of induced MF's provide an intuitive view into an attribute's target association. And finally, an inductive fuzzification of attributes using the induced MF's can improve predicitve performance of existing prediction algorithms.

IFC-Filter for Weka

A Weka-implementation of the IFC-NLR machine learning algorithm can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. A user manual and the source code are available

Inductive Fuzzy Grassroots Ontologies (IFGO) Prototype

A proof of concept of the IFGO semantics extraction algorithm can be evaluated here.

IFCL prototype

The IFCL prototype can be made available, please contact Michael Kaufmann by e-Mail (it is 80MB).


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