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Designing for Self-Organization: Macro and Micro Perspectives in ConflictIT

TitleDesigning for Self-Organization: Macro and Micro Perspectives in ConflictIT
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHalabi, A.
Conference NameECSCW 2015 Workshop on ConflictIT
Conference LocationOslo, Norway
KeywordsCollaboration, Community Informatics, Conflict, ICT

In this position paper, I propose addressing both macro-and micro-conflicts in ConflictIT research and design efforts to support collaboration within communities. Motivated by our research with a local voluntary community in Syria, I argue that macro conflict (wide-scale armed and political conflict) induces special conditions marked with the demise of institutions and services, and under these circumstances, local initiatives sprout in an attempt to address the growing needs, making them especially important to reestablish the grounds for macro stability. I further suggest that ConflictIT research, with its know-how and attention to causes, dynamics, and effects of disagreement and conflict, can also study and design for micro conflict within groups, which poses considerable challenges in the face of local communities' attempts to self-organize, and thus challenges the growth of local seeds of macro stability. Finally, I briefly illustrate some of the conceptual and methodological implications derived from this double interest in macro and micro conflict.

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