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The Bowlogna Ontology

The Bowlogna ontology aims at providing a standard schema for European universities involved in the Bologna Reform of higher-education studies.

The ontology originates from a lexicon defining terms related to the Bologna Reform.

In this page you can find the current version of the Bowlogna ontology plus additional links to applications build on top of it.

Contact: gianluca [dot] demartini [at] unifr [dot] ch

Current Version

Bowlogna Ontology v0.4 20.Jul.2015 - OWL File - Added Spanish and Catalan definitions of Bologna terms kindly contributed by eData web develoment. (This file gives an error when opened in Protege. Please, use version 0.3 if you want to use the Bowlogna ontology within Protege.)


Previous Versions

Bowlogna Ontology v0.3 15.Dec.2011 - OWL File - Added Italian definitions of Bologna terms

Bowlogna Ontology v0.2 10.Jun.2011 - OWL File -

Bowlogna Ontology v0.1 25.May.2011 - OWL File