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DNS3: Authoritative Semantic Data via DNS

DNS3 is our open-source implementation of a DNS serving arbitrary (authoritative) metadata through DNSSEC taking advantage of Semantic Web technologies.

On this webpage we provide access to the entire source-code of our framework, a sample installation, and the ontology used to describe semantic information about internet domains in the TXT record of DNS responses.

Such an approach can be used to enable different end-user applications such as, domain information pre-fetching, malware detection, and domain suggestions piggybacking on DNS logs and the DNS infrastructure.

Contact: gianluca [dot] demartini [at] unifr [dot] ch

10.06.2012- v1.0: Entire Codebase and live deployment:

Browse a sample installation of DNS3 live here

Chrome DNS3 plugin (simply install the plugin in Chrome, browse to a URI that appeared in our sample DNS log like and click on new icon appearing on the top right of your browser).

DNS3 codebase (incl. semantic spaces and hadoop processing) 

The DNS3 Ontology