department of informatics

Djellel E. Difallah

Email: djelleleddine [dot] difallah [at] unifr [dot] ch


Office: Bd Perolles 90, C302

I'm Djellel (pronounce it Jalel), a doctoral student at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and part of the XI group, under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Philippe Cudre-Mauroux. My main research area is in database systems, where I am particularly interested in investigating novel approches to manage very large volumes of data.

I completed my MSc in computer science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in '10. As a graduate student I was collaborating with with Dr. Raghavan and Dr. Benton and had the opportunity to work on various projects in IR, HPC and Association mining. While in UL, I was a Fulbright foreign student scholar, an IEEE-CS officer, and Phi-Kappa-Phi member. Before starting my higher-education/research journey, I obtained my Dip. in Informatics from USTHB then I worked for a couple of years in my home town, Algiers, as a developer for an ISP, and then in the data managment division of Schlumberger.




- Gianluca Demartini, Djellel Eddine Difallah, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. ZenCrowd: Leveraging Probabilistic Reasoning and Crowdsourcing Techniques for Large-Scale Entity Linking. In: 21st International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW 2012), Lyon, France, April 2012.


- Djellel Eddine Difallah, Ryan G. Benton, Vijay Raghavan, Tom Johnsten, "FAARM: Frequent Association Action Rules Mining Using FP-Tree," ICDMW, pp.398-404, 2011 IEEE 11th International Conference on Data Mining Workshops, 2011

- Djellel Eddine Difallah, Gianluca Demartini, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, "Mechanical Cheat: Spamming Schemes and Adversarial Techniques on Crowdsourcing Platforms" in The First International Workshop on Crowdsourcing Web search (CrowdSearch 2012)

Posters and Demos:

- Implementing the SSDB Benchmark on SciDB, In XLDB 2011.

- Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Gianluca Demartini, Djellel Eddine Difallah, Ahmed Elsayed Mostafa, Vincenzo Russo, and Matthew Thomas. A Demonstration of DNS3: a Semantic-Aware DNS Service. In: 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011 - Demo), Bonn, Germany, October 2011.