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Imperative Programming

Bachelor Course, 2nd Semester, Summer Semester 2005, Prof. Béat Hirsbrunner, Fulvio Frapolli


Lecture Notes & Exercices

Week C Topics
Unix Topics
  S1 C Tutorial 1
Unix Tutorial 1
  S2 C Tutorial 2
Unix Tutorial 2
  S3 Types, Operators and Expressions
Secure Remote Access
  S4 Control Flow
Unix File System
  S5 Functions and Program Structure : Basics
  S6 Functions and Program Structure : Advanced (inclusive Header files and C preprocessing) System Calls
  S7 Pointers and Arrays 1
Regular Expressions and grep
  S8 Mid Term Test
Mid Term Test
  S9 Pointers and Arrays 2
Command Line Arguments argv
  S10 Structures
Unix Environment Variables
  S11 ADT 1: Generic and Stack
malloc, realloc and free
  S12 ADT 2: Stack (revisited)
exec and fork
  S13 ADT 3: FIFO
GNU Debugger gdb
  S14 Final Term Test + FAQ
Final Term Test + FAQ

Mini Test Environment

  • MTE 1, version 0.8.1, 12 April 2005 (.html, .tgz)
  • MTE 2, version 0.5.0, 17 May 2005


  • Course description | Vorlesungsbeschreibung | Description du cours
  • Course organization

  • Unix tutorials: First contact (.html) and Taylor's more advanced tutorial (.pdf)
  • C tutorial: First contact (.html)
  • From Scheme to C: Lecture Notes, J. Kohlas and Norbert Lehmann, (C) 1997 (.tgz)

  • A Linux emulation for Windows:
  • A Linux for Intel processors: KNOPPIX 3.7 (cd image .iso, 699MB)
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