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Michèle Courant's Personal Home Page

Sustainable Science and Technology

I am engaged towards a responsible practice of science and technology in teaching and research.

Sustainable Mobility

My research group has developed Flexmobile, a multimodal information and transportation service able to combine public transportation and carpooling. Its is currently developed as a commercial product, by IT4Human Sarl, an enterprise that I have recently co-founded with some colleagues.

Cafés scientifiques

An open meeting platform between scientists and citizens for discussing about the recent advances in science and technology, and their social and environmental challenges, which I initiated at the Faculty of Science in 2002, and then started with my colleague, Prof. Jean-Pierre Berger.

Sustainable development

With some friends, I am one of the initiators and active members of Fridurable, a citizen forum which aims at promoting Sustainable Development in Fribourg's area. My current actions: ecoquartiers, public spaces, and management of the forum itself.

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Agriculture, biodiversity, fair trade, and local commerce

I have been member of the committee of Notre Panier Bio (the association for organic contractual agriculture of Fribourg's region) since its creation to Jan. 2009. My contribution to this project now consists in supervising the development of a computer management application specifically designed for the type of fair trade it is proposing.

Local action

In 2004, as an instrument both for increasing quality of life and dialogue with the authorities, I (re)created an association for my quarter, in Fribourg (Vivre au Schoenberg). The quarter counts around 9'000 inhabitants, from various social levels and origins. I have been president of this association until 2007. I am still member of the committee, and I am enjoing to see the first tangible results of our action soon ! (like realization of a new public space with participative design, improvements of the football field,...).

Climate protection

Because climate protection must be an absolute priority in the defintion of energy production strategies, I have signed the local initiative Non au charbon. Did you?

Last update: January 2009