I’ve been working as a Senior Researcher at the Human-IST Institute at the University of Fribourg since April 2015.

I've been interested in human-computer interaction in general for quite some time now, and in recent years in user experience, interaction design and usability in particular. My current research interests fall under three themes: 1) improving the user experience in multi-user computer-mediated collaborative environments, particularly those which allow interaction using an ecology of personal and public devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, touch tables and large interactive displays, 2) interaction design for mobile contexts and devices, and 3) exploring how to support privacy in an increasing connected world. In the past, I've also worked on the design and evaluation of multimodal interfaces, particularly those that involve speech as one of the modalities.

I hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence specialising in Natural Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh, UK, and an Honours BSc in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence with an additional major in Linguistics from the University of Toronto, Canada. In addition to my academic background, I've also worked in industry a bit.